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ScopeDone is a simple, intuitive way to generate technical scopes - designed for non technical founders. The smart system asks the right questions, to generate the answers you need to build a scope you can quote from.

Core Technology Requirements

Understand whether a static landing page, website, progressive web app or native mobile app will be best suited to the founders needs. Gain a high level overview on the number of user types and permission levels required.

Technical Feature Requirements

View features and functionality, prioritised in a table. The report includes recommendations on which features should be included in the MVP and which should be considered for furture iterations.

User Stories

Perfect for Agile agencies. We guide founders through a series of questions to identify user goals, and stories. Access priority user stories considered important for the founder's minimum viable product.

Architecture Recommendations

We provide you with no-code and low-code architectural recommendations for the build. You can use the stack you are familiar with, or explore the stack we recommend.

Access example ScopeDone Report

Visualise the value that our reports provide to agencies. Our example report is based on a real non-technical founder submission. Some details have been changed to protect the founder's IP and identity.


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